Monday, January 25, 2021



(01/15/2021 – 03/01/2021)


If a player is applying for a scholarship waiver please register online and stop when you get to the payment section.  In addition, a scholarship waiver form must be completed and can be downloaded from the website at under the Registration tab, bottom of page and click on the “SFXAA Fee Waiver” link. Please turn in the completed forms into the SFX Parish Office at 4715 N Central Ave. Phoenix AZ 85012. 



Registration is open for the following age groups and divisions

Player Fees: $125 (T-Ball & Coach Pitch) - $135 (All Other Divisions)

Fee Includes Uniform & Pictures



T-Ball (Co-ed):  Pre-K as young as 3 years old.


Coach Pitch (Co-ed) – Kindergarten


Baseball Machine Pitch  – 1st  Grade


Baseball Machine Pitch  – 2nd  Grade


Baseball Player Pitch  – 3rd & 4th Grade – Player Evaluation and Draft. All players will be placed. Playoffs (Yes). 


Softball Machine Pitch  - 1st & 2nd  Grade


Softball Machine Pitch  - 3rd & 4th Grade – Player Evaluation and Draft. All players will be placed. Playoffs (Yes).


Softball Player Pitch  - 5th – 7th Grade – . All players will be placed. Playoffs (Yes).  Division will Interleague pay with other Leagues 



Games will be played Friday evenings or Saturday mornings through the afternoon depending on number of teams in division.


Start of Season - 03/19/2021 (Tentative)

End of Season – 05/15/2021

Playoffs (Divisions 1st Grade and Up) – Week of 5/17 - 5/22


ALL GAMES ARE PLAYEAD AT THE SFXAA SPORTS COMPLEX:  Located on 3rd Street just south of Highland.  Major Cross Street Central & Camelback. 



Our league is a volunteer league so all teams will need a volunteer coach.  Coaches set their own practice schedules but must secure practice locations other than SFXAA fields as we do not have enough space and time slots to accommodate all divisions. Most teams practice at a centrally located park like Butler/Royal Palm Park and Granada Park but other locations may be utilized based on coach discretion. Coaches register the same way as players do but do not have to pay a fee. 



The league will make its best effort to accommodate team requests for non-evaluation/draft leagues, but no guarantees are given.  If no request is provided though the registration process, we will place players where needed to form complete teams.  Additionally, if a team has to many players requesting one coach that group will be asked to split up as too many kids on one team takes playing time away from the kids and slows their development.  It also puts a very big burden on the volunteer coach(s).


For questions related to your specific division please contact the following:


Xavier Ortega
SFXAA, League President